As a modelling application we have over 1500 users running models and accessing data. Which also means we can see areas where users are getting stuck or require support. All features in the BCCVL are developed and implemented through communication and guidance with our Scientific Advisory Committee. This means we have an understanding of the barriers with data access and modelling and the means to discuss and answer your questions. This is where our webinars come into play!

Each webinar will focus on one particular area of spatial data or environmental niche modelling. We aim to bring in an expert on the topic of choice to facilitate discussion, and of course your resident BCCVL team members will also be there to help answer questions. The main outcome of these webinars is to drive discussion about well known topics as well as lesser known topics, to debate options and create a community and crowd-sourcing solution place for environmental niche modellers.

All webinars will be open access and free to join!


Our list of webinar topics and links to join the online environment will be coming soon!

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