• Are you a professional involved in ecological and environmental science subjects, and would like to be part of a training program that combines theoretical concepts with real-world applications?
  • Would you benefit from resources that will enable you to learn more about the ALA (Atlas of Living Australia), the BCCVL (Biodiversity and Climate Change Virtual Laboratory) and TERN (Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network), and to teach about species data and ecological models within your institution?
  • Are you willing to become part of a network of professionals to collaborate and exchange knowledge and ideas?

We are looking for enthusiastic users and advocates of the BCCVL, TERN and ALA tools in day-to-day tertiary education and/or research settings to become part of our brand new Champions Program.

About the Champions Program 
In this program we will provide you with a wealth of information resources that can be used in courses that focus on topics such as ecology, biogeography, environmental management and spatial analysis. We have ready-to-use lecture and workshop modules that explain the theoretical underpinnings of ecological models, and provide real-world examples to show how these concepts can be analysed in online tools. We will show you how to use the ALA, BCCVL and TERN platforms to explore species data and their relationships with their environment. The program aims to provide you with the resources and knowledge required so that you can confidently re-deliver the teaching program in your own institution.

If you are interested, we would like to hear from you!
To find out more about the Champions Program, please express your interest to attend one of our information sessions. If you have any questions, please email Chantal Huijbers at c.huijbers@griffith.edu.au

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