Support Site

The BCCVL has a dedicated support site with a help desk from Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm AEST. Our Knowledge Base includes step-by-step guides on how to run models and analyses in the BCCVL, general modelling content (e.g. why pick one algorithm over another) as well as a bunch of other information about datasets and resources. We also have a dedicated forum centre where you can post your questions, suggestions or even request a feature.

Are you a developer? We’re working on a Developer Knowledge Base that will include information on up and coming APIs, data processing and virtual machine set ups.

Online Open Course

Over a series of 10 short modules this course will give you, your staff, your students, and even your teachers a good understanding of what distribution modelling is, how it works, what algorithms you can/should use and why, and how to accurately interpret your results.

Module 1: Introduction to species distribution modelling
Module 2: Ecological theory of species distribution modelling
Module 3: Data for species distribution models
Module 4: Design a species distribution model
Module 5: Presence only models
Module 6: Statistical regression models
Module 7: Machine learning models
Module 8: Model evaluation
Module 9: SDMs and climate change projections
Module 10: Case studies in the BCCVL

All content from this course is CC-BY, so feel free to use it. We just ask you attribute us as following: Huijbers CM, Richmond SJ, Low-Choy SJ, Laffan SW, Hallgren W, Holewa H (2016) SDM Online Open Course. Biodiversity and Climate Change Virtual Laboratory, DDMMYY of access.

Workshop Program

The BCCVL have put together a series of workshops targeting at different groups, each with their own learning objectives. We run workshops for course integration at Universities (Undergraduate level), for academics and industry professionals. We also have a industry program and train-the-trainer workshops coming soon!

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