Strengthen your modelling skills with BCCVL training

Whether you’re new to the concept of environmental niche modelling or wanting to take your knowledge and skills to the next level, the BCCVL has the training solution for you

Different training options to suit every learner

We offer a variety of training options that can be customised to meet your needs and workplace commitments.


Online learning

Self-paced, online learning environment. A great first stop to get an understanding of the concept of ENM.


Online live webinars with our resident modelling team. Ask questions, seek clarification & meet with other modellers.

Scheduled courses

Face-to-face training in a group workshop environment. Workshops are scheduled in most major cities around Australia.


We come to you to help your organisation. Popular with industry and government groups.

EcoEd workshops and material available

We have developed an EcoEd program that includes ready-to-use resources, such as lecture slides and workshop/activity handouts, that can be used in courses that focus on topics such as ecology, biogeography, environmental management and spatial analysis. These materials are free to access and teach students or researchers the concepts of spatial ecology and modelling using tools like the BCCVL, TERN and ALA.

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