Researchers responding to the BCCVL scientific survey have indicated the following key points of interest relating to data:

  1. Global data, in addition to Australian data, is of interest for modelling in the BCCVL
  2. 76% of respondents believe it is either Vital or Important  for the BCCVL to enable researchers to upload their own data (species and/or environmental data)
  3. The most popular geographic formats used by survey respondents are ESRI  and ASCII grid files
  4. Spatial resolutions used by respondents for the presentation of data range from 10m to 50km, however the most popular resolutions used by respondents are 1km and 5km.

The  BCCVL project team are now sourcing global data in addition to Australian data and are preparing to offer data with spatial resolutions of 250m, 1km and 5km.

Input collected from our researcher community has a direct impact on the development of the BCCVL.  Get INvolved now!

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