The Biodiversity and Climate Change Virtual Lab (BCCVL) was awarded the Spatial Industries Business Association (SIBA) Technical Excellence award during the Queensland Award night last Friday in Brisbane.

SIBA is the leading association representing the Spatial Industries. Together with the Surveying and Spatial Science Institute (SSSI) they host the annual Spatial Excellence Awards celebrating the successes within the industry. The awards recognize outstanding achievements for both individuals and organisations engaged in spatial information across Australia. The Technical Excellence award focuses specifically on excellence in applying existing technology and overcoming significant technical challenges to implement spatial solutions of an exceptional high standard.

Nominated projects were judged by a panel consisting of industry peers, authorities, associates and advisors, and had to demonstrate:

  • Why the project has achieved excellence,
  • How the project delivers outcomes above and beyond the ordinary, and
  • How the project contributes to the growth and maturity of the industry and the economy.

Specific criteria for the Technical Excellence award included the level of complexity of the challenge, the degree of technical methodology to overcome the challenge, client satisfaction and the potential as a new spatial sciences benchmark.

The BCCVL is recognised for its integration of existing modelling tools and datasets with high performance computers and major data storage facilities that enable efficient investigation of biological systems now and into the future. The tool offers a new way of working with large spatial data and to construct and execute complex spatial models utilising cloud compute from a user-friendly app-like interface.

Hamish Holewa, Program Manager, “The BCCVL is a multiple partner project and achieving such a high standard would not be possible without the vision, skills and expertise of our numerous contributors. In particular I would like to acknowledge the contributions of Griffith University, James Cook University, Atlas of Living Australia, Australian National Data Service, Macquarie University, Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation (QCIF), National eResearch Collaboration Tools and Resources Project (NeCTAR), Terrestrial Ecology Research Network (TERN), University of Canberra and the University of New South Wales in helping us win this award.”

BCCVL will represent Queensland in the Technical Excellence category in the Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards, which will be held during the national Locate Conference in April 2017.

SIBA award team

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