The modules:

There are 10 modules that will take you from a quick introduction to the ecological theory of SDMs, all the way to the nitty
gritty of each of the algorithms, how they work and what data you may need. Each module has a quick five question quiz so that you can test your new found knowledge!
Module 1: Introduction in Species Distribution Modelling
Module 2: Ecological theory of species distribution modelling
Module 3: Data
Module 4: Designing a SDM
Module 5: Presence only models
Module 6: Statistical regression models
Module 7: Machine learning models
Module 8: Model evaluation
Module 9: SDMs and climate change projections
Module 10: Case studies in the BCCVL

How to access:

The online open course is freely available for anyone interested. To access the course simply click on the button below and either log in or create an account. Once logged in, head to our Training page and get started!
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Using the course (and BCCVL) in teaching…

We are currently working with a number of universities to incorporate the online course and subsequent use of the BCCVL in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. If you convene a course, know a course that may benefit from this, or would simply like to host a workshop then get in contact with us today! We’re happy to work alongside you to develop material and case studies to design something suitable for your course!
Simply email Sarah Richmond at

One last thing…

When releasing our fancy new training page we also snuck in a new feature or two!
  1. We’ve enabled automatic front-end local account registration, which means you can create and activate a new account immediately – no need to wait for us anymore!
  2. Biomod2 package update – not a huge update, but improves reliability of biomod algorithms.

A big thank you!

This online open course and our entire support site came to life through the QCIF User Support Enhancement project supported by NeCTAR.
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