‘Fit for purpose’ data with the ALA

Species Distribution Models (SDMs) play a critical role in synthesising our understanding of the natural world and making forward projections into novel conditions. These types of models can have many different applications: they can help to identify areas that should... read more


Over the past few months BCCVL and TERN have been working together on a new Species Distribution Modelling and Climate Change Projection capability for the CoESRA virtual desktop. Similar to the BCCVL, CoESRA (Collaborative Environment for ecosystem Science Research... read more

Enabling the enablers

Accelerating technological advances enable researchers to collect and analyse data at unprecedented rates. New technologies such as machine-to-machine communication and cloud computing facilitate easier access to data and tools, but also invoke a new set of technical... read more

Species Trait Modelling with AeKOS

TERN, AeKOS, eRSA, and Griffith University’s Biodiversity and Climate Change Virtual Laboratory (BCCVL) have begun work on accessing high quality, verified data for biodiversity modelling usage. The team have completed the task of integrating selected AeKOS datasets... read more
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