Accelerating technological advances enable researchers to collect and analyse data at unprecedented rates. New technologies such as machine-to-machine communication and cloud computing facilitate easier access to data and tools, but also invoke a new set of technical challenges related to systems interoperability, integration and architecture, and high performance computing, as well as data challenges. For example, access to data needs to be negotiated with individual providers, metadata does not allow for easy visualisation or access by machine learning algorithms, and there is limited ability to manage provenance on frequently updated datasets. NeCTAR recognises a growing community of expertise within research and technology community networks. The “NeCTAR Research Technical Expert Community Engagement Project” supports the establishment and acceleration of research community knowledge sharing with a technical focus.

The aim of this project is to facilitate and support knowledge sharing within the ecosciences technical community about technical and data requirements needed to support future research and innovation in the ecosciences domain.

The project will facilitate the technical community through a series of workshops and has the following objectives:

  • Engage the technical ecoscience community to enhance collaboration across organisations.
  • Investigate existing community practice and needs, similarities and differences among organisations.
  • Identify emerging requirements, significant challenges, and barriers to leveraging infrastructure.
  • Highlight future opportunities for advancing research and technology infrastructure for the next generation modelling tools.

This project is a collaboration between Nectar, QCIF and BCCVL (Griffith University).

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