Upcoming features

Below is a list of things we are currently developing in the BCCVL. We are always open to suggestions so please fill in our feature request form at the bottom of the page and let us know what features you would like to see!

SDM Bank

A catalogue of species distribution models and climate change projections for 1000’s of Australian species.

Biodiverse experiment upgrade

Upgrade to the way we run and visualise Biodiverse Experiment outputs, this includes an interactive map query so you can better investigate what is driving your biodiversity hotspots!

Conservation planning library

We’re compiling a list of popular conservation planning tools (e.g. Zonation, Marxan) and ensuring your model outputs are in a format that is readable for use in these tools.

Species Trait Modelling

We’re working alongside Aekos to import their targeted species trait data for use in our upcoming new Species Trait Modelling experiment. This experiment will be used to model species distribution as a response to both traits and environmental variables. Allows researchers to ascertain how the occurrence of species in a particular location is determined by the environment as well as the biological and behavioural characteristics (traits) of the species.

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